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    Sai Mohit

    Hi There. 

    We have been working hard to add a new UI to manage Post Data Endpoints within formbuilder. The New UI follows the same format of our new User Management UI to keep a consistent experience. This Post Data Endpoints section comes with a mondern UI experience and makes it easy for you to navigate and retrieve the information you want to know.  

    • This Post Data Endpoints section is accessible for you without leaving Formbuilder
    • You can COPY any post data endpoint url with just 1-click on the overview page
    • When you have many post data endpoints, we organize them in pages of 5, 10, 15....etc respectively
    • You can enter multiple email addresses without having to worry about separating them by commas

    Let us know if you have any feedback and well keep you all in the loop as we make more progress.


    Here are some screenshots:



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    Jonathan Hsu

    For the post data endpoints, it would be really helpful to see a sample/preview of what the data structure will look like depending on the configuration (JSON/XML and the specific version). Also, updated feeds to match the new API formats (specifically 8.1 which separates the metadata).

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