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    Joe Vetoe (Edited )

    Great news! The HTTP Request element is now available across all platforms (iOS, Android, and Webforms). For instructions on how to implement and use it, have a look at our help center documentation.

    Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see in future versions by commenting on this post. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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    I am very excited to see the private API version of this element!  It will be immensely helpful in assigning tasks based on actual needs in real time.

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    Darius Grimes

    From the Webinar:


    Can you use the HTTP request to query another DB in iForm? Kind of like the Smart Table feature? Could we use it as well to verify if it’s a registered user to allow submission? Sort of the opposite of your use case.

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    Jonathan Hsu

    Hey Darius, you definitely can. The secret sauce is going to be setting up custom APIs that are tailored to each customer's exact use case(s). That's actually how the webinar demo works. When the request element is executed, the value of the company name is passed to the custom-built API which under the hood...

    1. requests an iForm access token
    2. searches the predetermined profile id and page id for records with the matching name
    3. returns the results + status code

    When the request element receives the response, if it's an empty array that means no match which means the value is unique.

    When it comes to custom APIs, the technical barrier can be a bit uncomfortable for customers. But the Customer Success team has some exciting plans for providing an easy way to "connect the dots" whether the lifting is done by the customer or by our team.

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