Dynamically or Conditionally Skipping elements from an Email Report



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    Stella Park

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for posting your question. Currently, we have Element Reference ID's that can hide elements in reports (PDF, Email) or the data table but there is no way to dynamically use this feature. A field should not appear in the report if those fields do not get filled out/set to blank. It sounds like in your example that fields that do not satisfy the condition will remain hidden so these fields should not be showing up in the report as long as there is no dynamic value setting the element to a value.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about this.



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    Steve Ryder

    Hi Stella, 

    Happy New Year, its great to hear from you again - thank you for your reply, it has solved my problem with your statement "set to blank". Currently all answers are set to N/A for ease of use and completing the forms quicker, that way the user doesn't have to answer everything. I didn't realise that was my downfall.
    Thank you for the assistance.

    Kind regards,


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