Ability to change auto-logout time delay



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    Jonathan Hsu

    Hi Jay,

    Appreciate the feedback on the new login screen. Curious, are you active between sessions or are you having to re-authenticate after a period of inactivity?

    Again, thank you for the support and sharing your experiences.


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    Jay Hocking

    Hi Jonathan, 


    I usually have iForm builder open in a tab of my browser, filter down to view some specific reports, and then work in other applications for a while. When I come back to that tab, if I need to modify the filter, or click into any reports, it makes me log back in. It seems like the amount of time is very short. I'd prefer it to be several hours. All my other apps I use—remote access to our File Maker Pro database, Drone Deploy (also in a browser tab), Google custom map builder, google sheets, etc—all just leave me logged in. 

    And like I mentioned, the new password screen is particularly annoying, since it now separates username and password into two screens. I use 1password manager to secure my passwords, and when it was all on one page, at least it was just one click to enter my username, password, and hit login. Now I have to load two pages just to login. Seems very unnecessary. Also, it's 

    And while I'm on that topic, there's another UX thing that could be improved - once you have a set of records on your screen (say, from a search) and you click into one of the records - you can't click "back" and go back to the results of that search. It takes you back to a full unfiltered view of all records. You have to perform your search again. Logically, clicking the back button (either the browser back button, or the back button on the iForm record page) should take you back to your search results. I find myself opening every record in new tabs as a work around for this awkward functionality issue, then closing the tabs to get back to where I was. The form I work with the most often has over 18,000 records in it now, so I'm constantly having to search and filter it, and it would be really nice to have a simple back button. 

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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