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    Antonio Kang

    Hi Patrick,


    Could you please describe some use cases here?

    Even though we do not have the capabilities to scan finger prints, we've had customers utilizing the barcode scanner [1] to log employees information by implementing a Smart Table Search [2].

    Would using the barcode scanner work for you?




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    Patrick Katungi (Edited )

    Hi Antonio,

    We have been using the barcode scanning but its not perfect as the fingerprint solution would be.

    For example, we have several cases where an employee may abscond and leave the ID with a friend to sign him/her in and out yet they've not appeared for work the whole day.

    At times one signs in the morning and leaves work before standard time and leave the ID with a friend to sign them out when time reaches yet they left early.

    All employees have IDs with a QR code behind.

    With the introduction of a fingerprint capability, this should be a perfect solution.

    I envision something like the below.

    Being able to create 2 forms as follows;

    Form 1 (Act as DB): Register employee



    -Enroll fingerprint

    Form 2: Attendance Tracking

    -Scan employee fingerprint

    -Name(Populate automatically based on what was registered in form 1)

    -Email (Populate automatically based on what was registered in form 1)

    -Date and Time (Captured automatically in the background)

    -Location (Captured automatically in the background)


    To a greater extent, I think this would force someone to report physically for work and ensure fingerprint scanned at shift start and shift end


    The bove is so far our need but I am sure there are several advantages of having such a feature especially with validation.



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    Antonio Kang

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for writing up a very detailed use case and explaining how the fingerprint scanner would be beneficial to you and your team. I appreciate very much for taking the time to respond here.

    At the moment, with projects already scheduled for the next couple quarters I do not think implementing this is feasible in the near future.

    However, I will still bring this up to the engineering team so this is on our radar and we will keep an eye on this request/post to see if other customers are also requesting this feature.

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