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    Gabriel Granger (Edited )

    Hi Joe,  

    Thank you for your response,

    There is another case where customisation of the width and quantity of columns would be beneficial for inspectors.  My inspectors carry out multiple visits during a single week noting the "Contractor" & "Specialisation" and "Quantity" of people on site. In my use case we are using the same form and simply update it each visit rather than starting a new form each week so we have all data entered previously and the inspector updates the form to generate a new report.  Being able to see in the table view all this information means the inspector only needs to edit the record where something has changed, having the ability to change the widths means i can utilise the view better as day of week only needs to be 3 characters wide so that i can accommodate larger area for the name of the contractor and their specialisation.

    Below is dummy data and how a construction site changes between visits, in our case there is between 10 - 32 Contractors on site at any one time during construction. Being able to view this data without having to go into each record would be great.  Currently I am only able to display "Contractor" and "Specialisation" as I am limited to 5 column and need 7 to display everything.  In RED are quantity changes between 2 weeks. 





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    Joe Vetoe

    Hi, Gabriel. Thanks so much for this suggestion. I can definitely see where this can be useful. It's not currently on our roadmap, but something for us to give serious consideration to down the road if we can get more customers sharing their use case for this functionality. Thanks again!

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