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    Kam Muri

    Good idea, I'd second that. Also, does anyone else ever feel like the touch targets on the + and - signs should be a little bigger so that they are a little more forgiving to not hitting the symbols dead center?

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    Lea Ronne

    Yes, I have asked previously for an audio or tactile option so that you know when a number has been added without having to look at it. Having bigger buttons would help as well.

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    Penny Lau

    Hi Lea,

    I saw that you posted a couple things recently that you would like to have with the counter widget. 

    Can you please share with everybody in what circumstances your users are using the counter widget? How do they interact with the form, especially the counter widget, when they are conducting observations/inspections? If you can re-design it, what would be the ideal scenario? Do you prefer something that'll auto increment like the timer?

    Kam - can you also share how your users have been using the counter currently versus what they want?

    Thank you!

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    Lea Ronne

    Hi Penny,

    We are using our counter widgets currently just for counting the number of a certain species either retained or released. We also use it for our aerial counts which can be anywhere from 1 to 100 in a single field.

    Most of the time where we use the counter, the numbers are generally low. However, in some circumstances there is the potential to have much higher numbers. So in order to accommodate this, if there is that potential, I use a select list of 1-10 with an option of 10+ that opens a number field where you can manually add a larger number. I could reduce significantly the number of fields I have if the counter was improved. We would also use the counter more if it was improved.

    What our crews would like to see in a counter is:

    · Larger “buttons”

    · Some non-visual indication that the counter registered your touch. Vibration or sound? This is extremely important for our aerial surveys since we are counting boats from the air and it would be better to not have to take our eyes off the water to make sure that boat got registered. We are using a manual counter (clicker) and adding the numbers into the form when we have a break and our numbers are high.

    · The ability to limit the range of the counter. Most importantly to keep it from going below 0. Everything we count is a physical item and cannot go below zero so I have to write in a validation to check this which doesn’t show up until after the form is saved.

    · The ability to make the counter move fast if you hold it down would also help make the counter more flexible and able to be used for more fields.

    · And frosting on the cake would be a Bluetooth clicker that you could link to the field. See I don’t ask for much! ; )

    If you could incorporate any of this I would greatly appreciate it and so would our staff.



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