SQL Server Data Pipe (Reverse)



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    Tony Ruth

    Hey Ben, couple questions for you when you get a moment? Are you looking to query a table(s) from the database, and then return the results to a recordset?

    Do you want to clean the recordset every time you pull data? Is the select query static or dynamic?

    Do you need a scheduling component to know when to wake the query up?

    Do you think calling the Dataflow APIs directly (with data sourced from a DB) would satisfies the same need?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Tony,

    Yes we would be looking to send single records as they are added to SQL Server. The option to Query and return the results I could also see very beneficial.

    Since we would be sending single records as they are added we would not need to clean the recordset every time. We would simply add to it.

    With the single records yes we would need to have some sort of schedule in there unless there is a way to have SQL Server send us new records as they are added.

    Yes I think calling dataflow APIs directly would satisfy this need as various customers have done this today but having this functionality build into data flow eliminates the need for writing your own code, setting up your own server and managing it all together. 


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