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    Darius Grimes

    As technology improves, the iFB image element is in desperate need of some enhancements to make sure it is not an obstacle to using iFB for data collection. Its needs 2 enhancements.

    1) Image quality needs to be improved, there are literally dozens of other applications that are allowing higher res photos in reports. iFB report photos are s

    till kind of fuzzy or pixelated when you zoom in. Cameras have improved dramatically, it only seems like a natural progression to improve the quality of hte photos in the reports.

    2)  With the addition of Lidar and ARKit we have new programs that allow us to capture 3d and map entire stories of homes that produce fairly accurate measurements. That is pretty sophisticated but one thing that is becoming more important is site specific photos that are easily verified. This is pretty simple, you just need to imprint the GPS and Date Time stamp on each image to verify it was taken at the subject property.

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