Limit the Number of Subform Records Downloaded and Shown in Record View


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    Luan Ngo (Edited )

    That problem is pretty big in our environment.  I have built several forms and subform relationships that grows over time.  The main form is set as a "site" and the subform holds the "activity" information.  This setup allows our users to see all historical activity pertaining to the "site" from one single record location.  As you might imagine, over time the site will only grow in activities.  This results in users spending a great deal of time downloading subform records.  When asked, users typically only looks at the previous 2-5 activity to give them a sense of what works needs to be done.  So if there was a feature to allow admin to limit the amount of subforms downloaded onto the iPad, that would be superb! Currently we have a form that was created 6 months ago and already have 15+ subform record.  If you take 15 subform record multiply by 300 sites that any one user manages, it would not be manageable after 2 years.

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