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    Suraj Sukrit Prakash (Edited )

    Hi Izzuddin,

    As Tony mentioned, you can use SmartCAT Capture ( ) with your forms to capture NFC data. Yes, you can read and write NFC data using SmartCAT Capture. To use the functions you have to invoke a 3rd Party element and call our app from iform.

    You can also download SmartCAT Capture from the Playstore and/or the Appstore. 

    Note that if you are using an iOS device you will need an external-bluetooth NFC reader.

    I can explain this in further detail and would love to learn more about your application. If you'd like, you can reach me at or 847 918 2217.


    Thank you,

    Suraj Prakash 

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    Tony Ruth (Edited )

    Hi Izzuddin, we actually partner with a group that has a solution for RFID and NFC. Can you expand on your requirements a little more so we get a better idea of the use case?

    I would also suggest having a look at our partner's website to learn a bit more about their offering, and I will also ask them to chime in on this post as well.

    Hope that helps,


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    we have voucher project depend on barcode scanning if we have NFC element in iform to read NFC voucher and write on it 

    is it possible?



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