Assign a record using a URL Scheme


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    Tony Ruth (Edited )

    Hey Brant, this is an interesting thought and we would have to consider the permissions behind the idea. Not every user would have rights for assigning records so that could cause some trouble.


    Another thought, is the app or webpage making the original call to the iForm scheme, could also deal with making the API request on behalf of the user. As long as the application or page is built using the API keys of an admin user, then you would be able to assign the record down.


    I will admit, the flow seems a little clunky as you have to wait for the record(s) to be downloaded to the user device before invoking the scheme. You also have to be in a connected environment in order for the entire workflow to execute.


    Any particular reason not to just create a new record on the fly and push data across? That can be done offline and no need to think about permissions our API requests.




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