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    Hi Keith Garber, 


    Is it possible to set Filter based on element value like I want to link to "iformbuilder.username" function or element using that function 

    - currently, I have a table with 5000 records and its increasing daily same table it's linked to another table by lookup element is there any way for each user to download his own record only like:

    user A submit 100 records to Form1 but total in form1 is 1000 when we make lookup or STS user A will download 1000 record I want to restrict user A to download 100 records instead of 1000 is it possible?


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    Hi Izzuddin,

    Unfortunately that is not the current design on this feature, though that would be a great enhancement!  The current design will download all records, and then the filter attribute can be set for the devices to filter the data based on certain conditions.  For your example, with this feature you can still display only records that are equal to 'iformbuilder.username', however it would download all the records during the sync.  Let us know if you have any questions.




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