Guide to Capturing GPS Accuracy



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    Will Anderson

    REQUEST: Could iForm bump the number of decimal digits for latitude/longitude/altitude from 6 to 8?

    This would enable high accuracy (sub-cm) GPS collection with iForm and the myriad high accuracy BT GPS receivers out there. We and our clients want to use iForm to map power and irrigation infrastructure with an extermal GPS unit, often for features that are within a foot of each other. Currently, the 6-digit limitation equates to the best possible accuracy to be no more than about 7 inches (at least at the latitudes where we and our clients work).

    Consequently, this small platform change would enhance iForm's usability greatly, particularly given: (1) the limitations with the BETA Esri Connector, (2) the fact there is an increasing trend towards high accuracy external Bluetooth GPS receivers for iOS/Android devices that enable day-to-day field workers to collect sub-foot and even sub-cm data, (3) that fact those devices are becoming more affordable, and more manufacturers/models are available each year, and (4) because expectations for higher accuracy field collection continue to increase. Don't want iForm to miss the market opportunity here because of a couple of decimal points.

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