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    Tony Ruth

    Hi All, we will be releasing the iFormBuilder 5.0 server code into the wild tonight 11/16/12 around 11:30 PM EST.

    This will initially go only to those users on

    I am trying to list only the updates that rely strictly on the server code until the iForm 5.0 application update passes through Apple's approval system.

    Anyone with a private database will need to wait a couple more weeks while we prepare those environments for the updates. Here is a high level list of what is included in this server upgrade. We hope you enjoy :)

    ****Form Localization**** (requires iForm 5.0 application) This is a big one and needs the client update, but you can get started on translations ahead of time in preparation for the client release. I will post a video showing how this works in a few hours.

    -Added API for notifications (requires private DB)

    -Added "Last Record Modified Location" to Data Views page.

    -Data Detail (single record HTML view) supports TYPE=TOP and TYPE=ID as arguments for large/complex records

    -Support for iPhone5 and iPad Mini on licensing page

    -Show ID of record when viewing "subform" records rather than the PARENT_RECORD_ID

    -Recursive delete for child records when the parent record is deleted.

    -Fixed a bug on licensing page that shows incorrect last login date-time for users with multiple licenses.

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    Has this been launched yet?

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